Subj: MTV Spring Internships
Date: 11/3/2004 12:21:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Randofo1

To whom it may concern:

It must be really glamorous to work for MTV Networks for no compensation. Your so-called internship program is bordering on the edges of legality and for all intents and purposes is little more than slave labor. As a matter of fact, all this internship program really does is allow MTV Networks to replace entry-level positions with an over-qualified and constantly rotating pool of candidates. Worst of all is that you fool these over-qualified candidates into perceiving there is some sort of benefit or competitive edge in volunteering excessive amounts of free labor towards your company, when clearly there is not. If these collegiate juniors and seniors have enough previous work experience to be hired by MTV, then they must already be qualified, not have much to learn from this opportunity and should be getting paid by MTV. Thanks for decimating the job market and destroying any hope of us getting decent paying entry-level positions in our field of study.

Shop for complacent suckers elsewhere.

Randy Sarafan