Subj: In regards to the current election.
Date: 11/3/2004 1:08:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Randofo1

Mr. President,

You know, I stayed up until one thirty last evening to see the outcome of this election. It probably doesn't make much difference to you. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that when I was awoken this morning to the cloying sound of ATT calling me to remind me that my phone bill was four months late and I have 5 days to make a payment before they turn off my service, I realized something very important. I have forgotten to pay my phone bill for the past few months. It's not that I can't afford to pay my phone bill. That is really a non-issue. What I think it really comes down to is that I don't read my mail in a timely manner. Right here next to me at my computer, I have stacks of bills of all shapes and colors or so I would assume. I really don't know what they look like. They are all sitting in their original envelopes. All these unopened bills, sitting here like unopened absentee ballots or what not. Speaking of which, I kind of see your point about winning the election. What are the odds really of Kerry winning the election? He needs what? Like eighty-seven point five percent of the absentee votes, right? That's utterly ridiculous. Utterly and utmost ridiculous. It is almost as ridiculous as the fact that fifty one percent of the nation was more than willing to vote you in again. That's about eight million plus people in case you are unable to count on your own. I sometimes have my doubts. Your counting ability is not the point. The point I am trying to make is that I do not understand how so many people can vote for you. With the state the world and our country in particular are in, people should be flat-out outraged. The fact that everything you say is blatantly at odds with just about every report from every credible intelligence organization that our own government has to offer should be enough to make most people question what's going on. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating to you, dear Mr. President Bush that you should vote for Kerry. Truth be told, I don't think that he is all that much better of a candidate. He just says the same things you say, but he shines it up with some dollar store shoe polish and a splash of some bad cologne from some discontinued brand created by some passe rap star or something or other of the sort. You know what I'm talking about. You must have met the guy. Actually, you probably haven't. You, the person reading this, are probably just some poor unpaid intern relegated to slave labor in our nation's malfunctioning capital of a city. Good 'ol District of Columbia, USA. Is the ex-felon, crack addict, still mayor? Is the ex-felon, coke addict, still president? Just some food for thought. Speaking of food, when are the people in Sudan going to get any? I suppose if they had oil-wells popping like adolescent pimples across the face of their country we would be more likely to toss them a loaf. But who cares about them when we can loaf around in our mid-size sedans burning oil like the body fat burning off some poor mid-size Sudanese refugee? A refugee that's being pushed and prodded and so forth all over the place while the international community sits back in their lawn-chairs and watch. It's generally not a smart thing to sit and picnic and gawk at the edge of a war. During the first battle of the Civil War, the southern aristocracy set up picnic blankets at the edge of the battlefield. They were not the brightest people in the world. Ideally enough of their imbecility would have been eliminated from the gene pool on that fateful picnic of an afternoon. It would seem quite the contrary after all this time. Only goes to show that people don't breed based on intelligence. Anyway, I doubt the president will ever read this because I am still not quite so sure he is capable of reading. But the point I am trying to make or not make is that the other day my friend, his girlfriend and I were discussing the tape recently released by Osama Bin Laden. After some discussion, it was decided that he, Bin Laden, was clearly a sociopath. However, the question really became interesting when we tried to decide what a sociopath was. My friend's girlfriend, who is quite educated and capable of reading and what not, seems to think that a sociopath is a person that has little to no regard for human life. This set the rest of us into a furor. The rest of all two of us in the room. Watching the debates and all it would seem that both you my dear president and mister droopy face senator guy both have little to no regard for human life. I remember when questions about the economy would turn into long talking-point rants that were little better than the Navy Seal motto, "kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out." Then again, maybe that's the Marines. Don't get me wrong in my dissension towards your questionable policy towards the rights of all human beings; I'm not supporting the "terrorists", whomever they may be. I'm just bringing into question your lack of regard for human life and all. It surely is quite questionable. I mean everyone is entitled to some self-evident natural rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... or pursuit of property depending on who you ask. Actually the strange collusion between happiness and property in the foundation of our country is another letter waiting to happen. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that if you don't care about the terrorist's lives (whomever they may be), if all they are just some abstract boogieman of a concept, a statistic and a commodity, some mere abstracted sound byte for television, what makes us think that you should care about our lives? Last time I checked, we the American public were little more than demographics and statistics in your presidential world. Do your cronies really think of us as people? Take Iraq for instance. There were no weapons of mass destruction and they posed no direct threat. The CIA made that quite suspiciously clear ex post facto a few weeks ago. Yet, Americans were sent to die there. Americans died there. Americans still continue to die there. We have the facts, figures and numbers to prove it, but does it make any difference to you who these people were? Does it matter to you that they are not anymore? Probably it only matters for the time being and only if they're from Ohio. The greatest irony is that Americans are dying for oil. Oil, that in a worst case scenario will circuitously destroy us all by destroying the environment. You must have read the Pentagon report on that one. You know, the one that said environmental destruction is the biggest threat to the world today, much more so than terrorism. I surely did. It was quite the read. I had to go to the British press to find it, however. Apparently, my elected representatives don't want to tell me what is going on in the Pentagon. I mean it's not like this is a democracy or anything. It's not like we all have equal rights. We wouldn't want members of a democracy to have democratic access to information about said democracy. No, we wouldn't want that, would we? Anyway, to get back on track, I doubt that you read the report about the environment since I am still not quite so sure you, Mr. President, can read. You probably got one of your literate cabinet members to read it to you. And then once they read it to you, judging by your "tree harvesting" environmental policy, you, at your cabinet's soft-moneyed urging, just blatantly ignored it. Then again, you, reading this, are probably just some kid of an intern and you probably just placed me on some FBI watch list simply because I wanted to exercise my right to freely say whatever I wish to whomever I wish to address. I sure hope my thoughts don't put me on trial. I'm not sure my shoulders can handle the weight of the logic or lack thereof of our two-party bureaucracy. Why am I even complaining to you? You don't care. I should just continue addressing my friends. Complacently addressing my friends to no end. Accomplishing nothing. Either way, this letter, written or not, sent or not, will most likely accomplish nothing because we have a polarized nation full of people that will believe anything one of two talking heads will tell them. I am just writing to inform you that I'm not buying in. I didn't vote for you. I didn't vote for Kerry. And I am quite frankly fed up with the imbecilic policy your administration continues to soft-serve to our softheaded zombie nation. I understand you are busy counting votes on your fingers and all, but I would appreciate a prompt reply.

Randy Sarafan
marginalized youth nonvoter
259 West 12th Street Apt. 5D
New York, NY 10014