Subj: In regards to North Dakota
Date: 1/7/2005 11:53:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Randofo1

Esteemed Senator from North Dakota:

I appreciate the response to my initial letter, albeit not prompt. Anyway, I'll keep my rebuttal short. I think you missed the point of our last correspondence. I wrote to inform you and point out the fact that I do not believe the state of North Dakota exists. For your part, you then proceeded to tell me that we can not discuss the matter further until I send you my North Dakota mailing address. How can I give you my North Dakota mailing address if I've never lived there, been there, met a person from there or even believe it exists? Your refusal to discuss the matter can only lead me to believe that, you, as well, don't exist. It's a strange and troubling time in which we live if we can correspond with the online presence of an anomaly of Cartesian mapping.

Truly yours,
Randy Sarafan