From: Randofo1
Subject: In regard to saving the whales
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 22:35:15 -0400

Dear Greenpeace,

I saw that you were looking for volunteers and I was wondering how I can become the person who rides in the little inflatable boat and waves the flag? There is nothing I would like more than feeling the sting of the wintery ocean spray as I cut through the choppy North Atlantic with my Earth-loving comrades. When we approach that whaling ship to taunt and disrupt, I want to be the proud individual standing at the helm, waving our flag for the world to see. I want to carry the flag of cetacean freedom. Yes, I want to carry your flag of Greenland. I really do not want to approach people on the street and ask them if they have a minute for the environment. Where is the romance in that? Being spit upon is no substitute for the sting of wintery ocean spray. So, should the position of flag-waver open up, I would really like to be considered. I figure it's an easy job to get since those people must fall off the front of the boat all the time. Like the hundreds before me who have waved the flag until their watery end, I want to lead the charge upon oceanic murder. A resume is available upon request.

Randy Sarafan