Dear Toyota,

No matter how many "hip" do-it-yourself projects you post to, you are not going to fool anyone into buying-in to your brand image. Your marketing campaign is ill-researched and just plain silly. Why would people who are so fiercely independent that they want to make their own apple sauce and fashion bras out of old underwear buy your newly mass-produced car? If you were of any sincerity you would simply post an Instructable on how people can cheaply manufacture their own Yaris (preferably with easily obtainable, used, automobile parts). Once you do this, we can celebrate you as a company that truly stands for the assumed ideals of the youthful and highly independent target-market that you claim to represent. Yes, such an Instructable will surely gain our brand loyalty. The catch, as I am sure you will be quick to point out, is that once you tell us how to build our own car we will have little use for your product. I'd venture to say that no one would mind much not having to purchase a car from you. You see, the reason such a website as exists is because people are fed up with being pushed around by reckless and indifferent businesses with no sense of social responsibility. You know, a business much like Toyota who will stop at nothing and try just about anything to sell products in a push to increase the bottom-line. Speaking of social responsibility, why not post an Instructable on how to cheaply convert a Yaris to run entirely off of electricity (preferably being produced by renewable energy sources)? I'd venture to say you wouldn't do that any more than tell people how to construct an automobile. Sure, it is no problem in teaching people how to make some fortune cookies or a "rock and roll scarf," but your company wouldn't dare tell us how to do that which you do best, build automobiles. So, we are really left to wonder why you are on So? Why are you? Are you trying to get us to think kindly of the Toyota brand? Are you trying to sell us your car? Do you want to know the truth of the matter? Next time that I go and buy a car, I am not going to buy a Toyota. And I am going to purposefully not buy a Toyota on account of this marketing campaign of yours. Let it be known to all of those marketing researchers above you that your guerilla marketing campaign has traveled into very unfriendly territory. You are not welcome here any more than I would be welcome sitting in on a board meeting and trying to convince a bunch of staunch Japanese businessmen to make their own neckties out of duct tape. Face it, you really do not want to buy into the ideology that we offer and we really could care less to buy the product that you offer. Please go away.

Randy Sarafan