Subject: Re: The Dr. Keith Ablow Show - Slackers
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 20:56:51 -0800

hello Leah Kaplan,

I have a fear of growing up? Have we met? Did we go to Hebrew school together? Have you been talking to my mother? How perchance did you come upon my name? Is this about the slacker page I posted on the internet when I was 14? Anyway, if by "growing up" you mean compromising all of my hopes, dreams and personal character in favor of becoming a mindless cog in our consumer capitalist culture, then yes, I am very much afraid of it. Let's face it, all of the "grown ups" to which I am supposed to aspire are a bunch of over-grown, self-involved children with no sense of real social responsibility. I know in the past, starting with Freud, a person's sanity, and even for that matter "maturity," has been equated with their ability to hold a job. However, considering that the market is inherently amoral and many sociopaths and even for that matter numerous psychopaths are capable of holding a job, I am not so sure I believe this argument. In fact, the market--being devoid of all morality and controlled by nothing but a desire of those involved to increase the bottom line (a commodity reflective only of itself)--promotes an array of anti-social, exploitative behavior. In our consumer driven culture, all of morality is co-opted by a person's ability to increase an imaginary number by any means possible. However, I don't believe a person's sole mission in life is to aimlessly contribute to a network of fluctuating numbers that they cannot ever really eat. Rather, I believe that people should be good to one another and respectful of their shared environment. So, if being a "slacker" and having total irreverence towards contributing to the morally bankrupt market system is equivalent with not being "grown up," I would be happy to come on national television and say otherwise. At the very least, I can pointlessly fill the time-slot between the commercial breaks.

Randy Sarafan

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Subject: The Dr. Keith Ablow Show - Slackers

Hi there. I am a producer working on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show." Dr. Keith is a forensic psychiatrist, who has been in private practice for over 29 years. He is the author of several best-selling books including, "Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson" and has appeared as a recurring guest on numerous television shows including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Court TV, Oprah, and Larry King. Dr. Keith now has his own nationally syndicated daytime talk show, which premiered on Monday, September 11th. Dr. Keith is extremely empathetic and insightful, and it's what sets him apart from other daytime talk show hosts.

We are doing a show on Friday, December 8th titled "Fear of Growing Up." Would you be interested in sharing your story on our show? We would fly you and your family into NYC if you are chosen. We provide, travel, accommodations, and meals.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Leah Kaplan
Associate Producer
The Dr. Keith Ablow Show