CC:,,,,,,,, Subject: Changes in Rules Relating to Film Permits
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 17:29:51 -0500

Dear Julianne Cho,

I was looking at your proposed legislation and it really puts a damper on my day. Making art is hard enough, but now I have to invest in a second tripod onto which I can switch the camera every 9 minutes within a 30 minute time period. Do you think I want to invest in a second tripod just to have to continue making art? These new regulations upon owning a single tripod are ridiculous! I have a hard enough time getting the actresses I find on Craigslist in the mood for public art-making with all of the prohibitive regulations already on the books. Honestly now, do you think that once I've gotten these girls in the mood for some heated art-making they want to stop in the middle of their performance for me to switch the camera to another tripod? Clearly, judging by these new rules, you probably have never made art in your life and wouldn't know the first thing about it. I mean sometimes art-making can go on in a single location for well over half an hour. What do I do in those situations? It's not like we can go back and just film the climax another time. No! We would have to start the scene over from the beginning for continuity's sake. And not to mention the financial burden upon myself to constantly have to pay my crew and these actresses to perform over and over again. That's even if they're willing to perform a second time for the camera. You are clearly denying these girls the right to freely express themselves on camera, in public, at the moment of inspiration. And what would our democratic society be without the right to free expression? This measure ultimately not only hurts the artists, but everybody who enjoys public art-making.

Randy Sarafan
Artist Extraordinaire