Mr. Obama,

Of all the candidates running you seem like the least corrupt. Well, at least, the least corrupt of all the candidates that stand a chance of winning. Everyone knows the guy from Alaska should be president, but everyone also knows that will never happen. Or at least, I know he should be president, and let's face it, there isn't an ice-sheet's chance in Alaska of him becoming president. No, unfortunately, it seems very likely that it will either be you or Hillary. And between the two of you, you seem to be less crooked, for whatever that is worth. So, I'm writing to you because, really, I suppose that you are my last semblance of any real hope for the reversion of decades of American political corruption. It's up to you, and you alone, to get the ball rolling. The way I currently see it is that I'm just biding time. Biding time for what you ask? President Bush to leave office? No. The democrats to retake the government? No. The troops to come back from Iraq? No. The self-obsessed baby boomers to die off due to excessive lifestyles, unexplainable cancers, lack of medicare and unavailability of treatment? Yes, pretty much. I've been waiting for some time for your generation (and all subsequent generations) to die off and let people with an actual sense of social responsibility take hold of the government and fix things. Because as it stands right now, for the entire course of my lifetime, for as long as I can remember, America has failed me. The government has failed me through gross mismanagement and unaccountability. And the big businesses that I was ordered by the government to put my democratic faith in, have also failed me in more ways than I begin to count. So, what am I going to do about it? My plan all along was to just wait it out because I've always known that some day my peers would take over and set things right. Unfortunately, it is becoming all too transparent to me that if I were to wait another twenty years for a generational shift in government, by then, it will be too late. It's already too late as it is. Myself, and a good portion of my generation, are pretty screwed as it stands right now. The way things seem to be going, it will only get astronomically worse for my generation (and all future generations) unless someone, with the appropriate position and power, takes it upon him or herself to do something about it soon. For example, I'm not sure who did the study or how the study was conducted, but there was one study that found that my generation is the first generation expected not to do as well financially as their parents. Does that mean we are a bunch of slackers? No, probably not, because there was also another study that has shown we are both the most motivated and directionless demographic in the nation. We are in fact, hard workers. We want to get ahead. We don't know why we want to get ahead, but all our lives they have groomed us to do it. We have been told repeatedly to go to school, join a club, don't do drugs, play a sport, prepare for the SATs, go shopping, abstain from sex, go to college, don't ask questions, etc. And so we do all of this, asking as few questions as possible. We all go off to college, whether we really want to or not, with plans of conquering the world, for reasons we can't begin to understand. But we are sure we are doing the right thing because, how else can you really hope to compete? We don't know why we're competing or who exactly it is we're competing against, but we are pretty certain that we must compete; and so we do. And then one day we graduate from college with more student loans and credit card debt than we could ever really pay off, and start our journey into a world that is stacked up against us. A world in which most entry-level jobs are underpaid or performed by non-paid interns. A world, in fact, in which most jobs are underpaid. A world in which we make too much money to get state-supported medical aid, but not enough to afford a $700 monthly private HMO policy. A world in which, more than 3/4 of a young person's yearly salary may go towards rent. A world in which the rest of the money goes towards food. A world in which rent prices are higher than most monthly mortgages. A world in which we couldn't take out a mortgage loan to begin with. A world in which we have to choose between paying for healthcare and paying for rent. A world in which we couldn't afford a car or even car insurance. A world where we are reliant on cars to begin with. A world in which global warming runs rampant without any real solutions. A world in which collective profit weighs in higher than humanity's collective well-being. A world that has been carefully cultivated through massive government deregulation since the early 1980s, the time of my birth. A world in which the government is not only undermining itself, but also undermining the sacred document upon which the nation was created. A world in which my freedoms are being made illegal and my personal opinions can be considered an act of treason. A world that is going to hell while aging career politicians, who don't have to worry about any of these things, can spend their days debating the semantics involved in the marriage of two consensual homosexual adults. A world in which the annual number of suicides outweighs the death toll from war and murder combined. A world in which the violence isn't in Iraq, but in the global mismanagement of the universal standard of living. In short, there's a lot of really unhappy people out there and they are really tired. And largely they are tired of you and people like you; all of your empty actions and all of your carefully worded false promises. So, I write to ask, what do you, as president, intend to do about it?

Randy Sarafan
Frustrated Voter